Greenlane Estate Winery 2012 Rose

Greenlane Estate Winery
2012 Rose

Appellation: VQA Lincoln Lakeshore
Varietal: 50% Riesling, 50% Cabernet Franc Saignee
Alcohol Percent: 13.0 %
LCBO Sugar Code: 2
Residual Sugar g/L:  10.0 g/L
Total Acid g/L: 6.85 g/L
Cases Produced: 311
Service Temp.: 8 – 10 C
Bottle Size(s): 750ml
Decanting: No

This 2012 GreenLane Estate Winery Rosé displays luscious aromas of ripe strawberry with a hint of vanilla bean. Refined acidity and a surprising complexity define this delightful Rosé. Some of our favourite pairings: A roasted chicken sandwich with fresh cranberry chutney, sticky bbq ribs, or decadent homemade vanilla caramel chocolates.

Cheese Pairing: Mouton Noir
Producer: Fritz Kaiser
Location: Noyan, QC
Milk: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk

Mouton Noir – a cow in sheep’s clothing? While the translation is “Black Sheep” the cheese is made from cow’s milk, however, it does wear a black cloak of wax to help keep the moisture inside this semi soft cheese. Moving beyond the artificial rind you see a very pale white paste that is supple to the touch. The nose offers aromas of fresh milk, churned butter and light acidity (similar to balkan yogurt). On the palate this creamy delight engulfs your mouth with it’s rich lactic coating. This cheese would do wonders in a fondue, on a salad or pizza, and if we get really excited, in a gratin sauce over potatoes. Our wine pairing comes from GreenLane and is a refreshing Rosé. With the mouton rouge we are able to achieve a wonderful partnership that accentuates the berry flavour in the Rosé while allowing the creamy taste and texture of the cheese to enhance the vanilla bean aromas. The result is a flavour experience akin to that of a strawberry vanilla tart.

Food Pairing:  Roasted Beet Salad