Meet Your Team

Besides the near 100 passionate and devoted professionals at Vineland Estates who work to make our winery such a dynamic and welcoming place, we are proud to present below the individuals who are most closely connected with delivering your exceptional, monthly wine club experience.


BrianSchmidtWeb Brian Schmidt, Winemaker
Brian is our passionate winemaker and heads up a creative and dedicated team that works hard in our vineyards and cellars. Brian and his team are responsible for the wonderful Vineland offerings plus the very unique Connections Wine Club exclusive wines that you enjoy.
DavidHulleyWebDavid Hulley, Director of Customer Experience
David heads up the team that delivers your Connections Wine Club every month. David, in consultation with Brian, is in charge of business development and the expansion of your Wine Club experience. David is also you faithful monthly scribe and is responsible for all guest experiences at the winery.
Ex. 22
LoriStudios-Justin-Downes-WEB Justin Downes, Executive Chef
In addition to creating a unique recipe for each of the wines that are sent to you every month, Chef Justin heads up a talented team to deliver the best regional cuisine that can be found.
Ex. 34
Catherine Catherine Dmitrienko, Wine Club Coordinator Your key contact is our very personable Catherine. She is officially your wine club coordinator but you know her as the friendly voice at the end of the phone or the helpful person returning your email. Catherine also aids the creative department, but she is always there for you. Ex. 29
MelissaMelissa Proudlock, Creative Department
Besides producing all of the printed materials, ads, and on-line creative for the entire company, Melissa creatively assembles and graphically produces your wine club newsletter and tasting notes every month.
Ex. 64
 AndreAndre Derrick, Assistant Retail Manager, Guest Care
Andre is your cheese correspondent! Every month, using his skills and continuing education (Andre is becoming a certified fromagier). Andre chooses the cheeses and creates the descriptions that you enjoy every month. Andre is our specialist in the Market Upstairs and is a key person with out social media. He is also the producer of our monthly on-line YouTube tastings.
Ex. 24
Jesse-PaulJesse Santos and Paul Frerotte
Jesse heads up the team in our warehouse who, along with Paul, faithfully construct, pack and ship the 1,000 packages every single month. Our warehouse team also executes all restaurant, LCBO, export, corporate and home deliveries in addition to keeping all of our bottled wine safe and happy!
TreesjeTreesje Bjorgan, Retail and Tour Manager
The Wineshop manager is cheerful and “Bjorgan-ized” and she is the one who organizes and executes all of your wine club events and functions. Treesje is also in charge of our growing property touring packages and is your direct contact for any special visits.
Ex. 26
EmilyEmily Bjorgan, Assistant Retail Manager, Operations
Emily is in charge of making everything run smoothly in the store when Treesje is not around. Emily is also one of our guest care specialists and is dedicated to making your experience in the wineshop fun and memorable.
Ex. 26