Connections Wine Club

Connections wine club is much more than monthly shipments of wine to your home or office. Vineland Estates is the first to be able to offer our wines along with other partner winery wines. With each shipment we will provide stories of our shared communal histories that will certainly add a unique dimension to the wines presented. This is truly unique and demonstrates the all-inclusive nature of the Connections wine club.

At our partnered wineries you will enjoy special perks and privileges that we’ve arranged for you. We also provide a full service concierge team to help you access, understand and organize the array of benefits that come with membership in the Connections wine club.

How the Membership Works

Connections wine club is based on a monthly delivery of wine to your home or office, but it is also far more then that.Connections monthly wine deliveries which include a Vineland Estates wine and a rotating partnered winery wine also include the following:

  • Connections Newsletter that features:
    – A story on the history/relationship that the month’s partnered winery has with Vineland Estates Winery.
    – News / upcoming events
    – Listing of Members Only events at our property and a list of the ever growing group of benefits that members enjoy.
  • Tasting Notes and Cheese Pairings for each wine.
  • Recipe for each wine
  • A monthly giveaway (special samplers)

There are Two Levels of Membership:

Connoisseur Membership: 2 bottles per month ($54 per month)
Cellar Master Membership: 4 bottles per month ($86 per month)

The levels are based on the amount of wine you receive every month. All other benefits belonging to Connections remain the same for both the Connoisseur and Cellar Master levels.

*Due to unforeseen circumstances or changes in government polices or tax structures, monthly fees and Connections offerings may change at any time and without notice. Should in the unlikely event an event like the ones noted above, we would endeavour to give as much advance notice as is possible.